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The advantages of electro-chemical machining

  • Low-level tool (cathode) wear, offering ideal preconditions for batch production 
  • Surface finishes of up to Ra 0.05 
  • Precise machining 
  • No negative thermal and mechanical effects on the component, thus no changes in the microstructure of the material 
  • No negative influences on material properties 
  • Hardness, toughness and magnetic qualities of the material are not changed 
  • Possibility to machine diminutive and thin-walled contours 
  • A high degree of repeat accuracy of the surface structure 
  • Simple but highly efficient production process, with no need for subsequent deburring or polishing 
  • Rough-machining / finish-machining / polishing in a single operation 
  • Possibility to machine superalloys 
  • Possibility to simultaneously machine macro and micro structures   
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