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PECM Machines

PECM installation of modularly upgradeable machine tool concept. 

  • Sophisticated 2D and 3D micro structures
  • Optional upgrades with auxiliary axes for clamping systems and machining sequences
  • Scalable generator technology, up to 40,000 A
  • Pulse frequencies of up to 100 kHz
  • Temperature and pH-value control
  • Conductance monitor
  • Microfiltration
  • Machine base in Mineralit
  • High degree of positioning accuracy
  • Precision oscillator
  • Graphic visualisation with ergonomic operator interface 

The PECM Premium helps to shorten the process stream and to complete difficult tasks in the machining of metal components. 


  • Precision imaging in 2.5D
  • Great repeatability of lowering speeds
  • Surface finishes Ra 0.05 

The excellent repeatability of the PECM process on the Premium series is a result of the intelligent machine concept and our patented PECM technology.


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