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Main area of employment is plasma assisted hard material coating of tools and functional parts.


  • the source can be positioned anywhere in the coating chamber
  • suitable for evaporating a multitude of metals and alloys
  • high target utilisation (>50 %, material dependent)

Vacuum arc discharge between a round target (diameter 65) switched as cathode and an anode, which can also be the plant mass, whereby the basic point of the discharge explosively evaporates and ionises the target material. The target is eroded through the very fast random movement of the cathode spot.

Special feature

In contrast to other evaporation processes the coating material thus eroded is largely ionised and hits the substrates with high energy. This source enables very high target utilisation even without costly magnetic field management or control.

  Arc evaporator source AS 65

Main characteristics: VTD Vakuumtechnik Dresden GmbH - Willkommen
Target diameter mm 65
Evaporator performance kW max. 3.5
Arc current A 60 ... 160
Cooling   indirect
Working pressure mbar 5 x 10-4 ... 8 x 10-2
Ignition   Electrical discharge
Target utilisation % >50
(other variants on application)

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